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Our usage of your data


We need to save certain things in order to provide you with our content. We keep and store your data safely in our database. You can, at any given time, request the data we saved about you by messaging us. Please be warned that confirmation of your identity may be required for us to hand out your data to you. Also please notice that we may only process such requests once per month.

What kind of data we save

There are a few categories of data we collect about you. Some of them are publicly accessible but most of them are related to your behavior on our network.

Data provided by Mojang

• Your Minecraft username
• Your UUID
• Your current skin (or in case of skin bans the version of your skin that got banned)

Data related to your computer

• Your IP address

Data related to our network

• Your full punishment history
• Current punishments
• Chatlogs
• Reports
• The timestamp of your first and last join
• Verifications with TeamSpeak and Discord (only if provided)
• Your rank
• Your settings and special gadgets
• Your game statistics
• Cosmetics and laserbridge maps
• Friends & friend requests
• Your total online time

Why do we save ...?

As mentioned above, many things are essential for us to provide a good gameplay experience. Without us saving all these things, you wouldn't be able to join any games or write anything in chat. We have categorized our data because they all target different scopes.

Data provided by Mojang

We save your data and uuid for as long as necessary (further explaination below). They are mostly used to map user input or system data to your account. Without your uuid we wouldn't be able to identify you which means that we couldn't store any settings, chatlogs, ranks for your account. Your skin allows us to display it to others and also process reports about your skin.

Data related to your computer

This kind of data will only be stored for 24 hours. We use it to identify or block bot attacks and also for further punishments in case you break any rules.

Data related to our network

This data will be saved as long as necessary and is used to display your activies to others such as posting your chat message, display your online time, allow others to make reports, ...
Some information can only be viewed by staff and is used for further research especially in case of staff applications. We may use them to increase bantimes if multiple incidents have been recorded in the past.


On our minecraft server we use TCPShield to protect us from incoming DDoS attacks. TCPShield acts like a middleman: it receives every connection. Once the player is logged in, the connection between the client (e.g. you) and us is encrypted. TCPShield gathers data sent in the Minecraft handshake to identify and protect us from common attacks. This allows us to stay safe and provide you a good experience.

What does "as long as necessary" mean?

Without any kind of request, we will save your data as long as possible. You can make a request to delete any stored data about you. In this case we will remove your data as soon as possible. Please be aware that further identification will be required.

The privacy server

The first time you join our network, you will be connected to the privacy server where you receive a link to this page. On this server we only store a few things about you that are deleted within hours (e.g. that you are here). At this point there is absolutely no data in our database. Logging has been disabled for this server.

Making a request

To make a request about your data (e.g. delete or receive it) you have to write an e-mail to the following address: [email protected]