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Ingame rules


• Ignorance does not protect from punishment.
• Evading your punishment using a second account is strictly prohibited.
• Punishments are to be respected in any case. Misunderstandings can be resolved in a friendly way.
• Every account you use to join our server must be your own. Alt accounts may not be used.
• Everyone is responsible for their own account.
• Name and skin must not contain discriminating or offensive content.

Ingame behavior

• External tools may not be used.
• Any kind of modification which gives you unfair advantages are forbidden. Some popular modifications offer functionalities like this as well so please think about them before you use them.
• You're not allowed to use bugs for your advantage.
• Any external tools such as an electric toothbrush may not be used.
• Using the scroll wheel to generate clicks is forbidden.
• Crossteaming is not allowed.
• Trolling of other players, including staff members, will be punished. This also includes abusing the report system.

• Custom maps in Laserbridge must not advertise other servers or social media.
• Discriminating or offensive buildings are strictly forbidden.
• Copying maps from other players or servers is not tolerated.

Chat behavior

• Posting links, especially ip-loggers, is prohibited and will be punished.
• You may not advertise for other servers or any social media account.
• Discrimination or offensive behavior will not be tolerated.
• Spreading lies or wrong information is not permitted. Inform yourself and under no circumstances write messages based on assumptions or if you do so, mark them appropriately.
• Spamming is forbidden.